Hand Coloring

Hand coloring a black and white photo dates back 1839. It has been around almost as long as photography. After the invention of color film in the 1930's hand coloring became more of an art form. It became accepted around the world by ad agencies, and more recently been used in the film, and related industries.

Hand coloring has evolved from an accessory to photography to becoming an art form in itself. The hand colored photograph is now accepted by fine art collectors around the world.

The hand coloring process is not a difficult one to learn. It takes time and practice. It can be used in its' entirity, or just on small parts of a photograph. One can hand color any photograph. Babies, animals, a still-life, all lend themselves to be hand colored.

Jennifer Meltzer has worked with Marshall's paints and pencils for over 20 years.

She is available for private, or group lessons. Jennifer's resumee' includes adult classes at "The Latin School" of Chicago, and Chicago's private school, Francis W. Parker. In Malibu,CA. she taught first through sixth graders at Juan Cabrillo Elementary.

Keeping up with digital photography, Jennifer is available to teach shooting, down-loading, and printing one's own pictures. Hand coloring tools can be used there after. Please visit Jennifer's portfolio to see samples of this wonderful art.